You already know you can rock the podium... but are you getting paid like the pro you are? 

We just don’t have the budget.”

How many times did you hear this phrase last year? 10 times? 20 times? Too many?

Here’s what I bet happened next: Instead of standing tall in your fees and opening a negotiation, you compromised. You took the gig. Perhaps even resented the meeting planner for making you feel devalued and underappreciated. 

Then you did it again. And again. 

Enough times that your calendar got fully sprinkled with small-time gigs at shamefully-low rates, leaving you with zero time to be doing the promotional and strategic work you KNOW you need to be doing to build a speaking business that does more than just keep the lights on. 

Well, that ends today.  

Hi, I’m Jane. And I’m here to help whip your speaking business into shape.  

Have you got “7-figure success” on your vision board?  

Then sit with me a moment, and let me share some of what I learned after 12 years as a booking agent, 6 under the roof of a speakers bureau and recently, 12 years coaching my clients to become some of the most highly-paid and sought-after speakers in the industry.  

So how does a speaker go from a $10,000 keynote to $30,000 keynote?  

I’m about to share all of my insider secrets. And more importantly, I’m going to make sure you actually IMPLEMENT them in your business.  

The Wealthy Speaker University presents: THE INNER CIRCLE MASTERMIND Now Enrolling for March 2019 

Want to earn higher fees, book business at leading industry events and set your business up to scale?

Then you’re in the right place. Whether your event calendar is bone dry, or you’re booked up for months with less-than-ideal speaking gigs, I can help. 

Help get you booked more often at higher rates, and set you up to scale as high as 7-figures in your speaking business. (Yes, it’s possible! I have clients who’ve done it!) 

If you’re willing to hustle to do the work, to really show up for your mission and message every single day, I’ll show you how to score the business. 

That's The Inner Circle Mastermind program—a 12-month, time-tested program designed to help you lay down a foundation, accelerate and scale your business!

For 10 participants, this will be “the year that everything changed” 

You didn’t get into the speaking business to spend your life on red-eye flights, staying in budget hotels and speaking at low rent for clients you don’t even like.

 You’re here because you have a message. A mission and a movement. Because you’re damn good on the stage and you know how to influence others and create positive change.  

With the inner circle mastermind, you’ll be joining a group of 10 others like you. Driven and talented speakers who are ready to scale. 

You’ll get the tools and the accountability to blow the ceiling off your speaking business.  

Maybe that means higher fees or more gigs.  

Maybe that means working less, without compromising your income. There’s no one size fits all!  

Just imagine...

  • Easily getting the “yes” the next time you speak to a decision maker (even at double your current fee) 
  • Being able to clearly articulate your value proposition and hearing people say “We absolutely MUST have you at our event, no matter what the cost!” 
  • Having speakers bureaus and event planners come to YOU, instead of having to hustle for every gig 
  • Getting that hockey-stick growth curve in your business, by building a strong foundation that can sustain several flashpoints in a year

That’s what I can help you achieve in The Inner Circle Mastermind. There’s a simple formula. A tried-and-true path for getting the fees you want. Instead of spending years looking for that path through trial and error, why not join me so I can give you the exact roadmap?  

"The Wealthy Speaker Program not only connected me to Jane, but also to a host of fellow speakers. Jane's program helped me take my ideas and make them concrete and actionable, plus I've been able to build valuable professional and personal relationships and benefit from the shared knowledge."

 - Julie Holmes Professional Speaker, London, UK

paul schemp

"Within 12 months my business doubled but the best part was my “Wealthy Speaker” moment when I stepped out of the Grand Marriott in Grand Cayman Island after a standing ovation keynote to a waiting limo taking me to the airport and my next gig. Thank you, Jane Atkinson!"

 - Paul Schemp University of Georgia Professor, Consultant, Speaker

Here’s What You Get When You Join The Inner Circle Mastermind Now Enrolling for March 2019

  • Closed circle group of 10 like-minded speakers supporting each other throughout the year 
  • 12-months Facebook community support from your group, Jane and associate coach Sarah  
  • 2 Monthly mastermind calls led each month by Jane 
  • Quarterly booster calls with guest experts on topics you'll want to know about
  • Quarterly (4) one-on-one private coaching sessions with Jane
  • Access to The Wealthy Speaker Community (live coaching and group interaction and Q&A with speakers at all levels) 
  • Complimentary admission to one Wealthy Speaker LIVE event 

“Why should I trust you, Jane?”

I’ve got 3 decades of experience helping speakers catapult their careers to 7-figure success. I’ve published three books on building wealth as a speaker, including The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, The Epic Keynote and The Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal.  

My clients love my no B.S. style. I’m direct. I’ll pump you up when you need it, but I’ll also call you out when you’re not doing the work.  

With 30 years under my belt, I’ve seen it all. I know what stops speakers from getting to their next level of success, where their businesses hit a ceiling and how to set yourself up to scale.  

The speaking industry is noisy. A lot of “you should do this and that.”  

I created this mastermind to keep you from getting overwhelmed by that noise. I’ll pinpoint the roadblocks preventing you from growing your businesses, and tell you the exact steps you need to take to grow.  

No more confusion. No more twiddling your thumbs wondering “what do I do next?” You’re going to know, because I’m going to tell you! 

You’ll also have Sarah in your corner—our Associate Coach & Community Builder

sarah mcvanel

SARAH MCVANEL Greatness Magnified Sarah helps leaders leverage the exponential power of recognition to retain top talent and sustain healthy bottom lines. She speaks nationally on the topic, leads workshops, coaches leaders, and conducts organizational recognition program reviews. More importantly, Sarah's skyrocketed her own business to success very quickly and has much to share with our participants.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover in our two monthly calls

Group mastermind calls are designed to get you unstuck, spur new ideas and hold you accountable to your goals. I’ll be on hand to answer your burning questions and lay down the tough love when you need it.

  • The critical positioning mistake I see too many speakers making in their marketing
  • How to write & deliver an epic keynote (because there’s no better form of marketing than a great speech)
  • Drafting a “promise statement” gets you noticed in a sea of same-same speakers 
  • Website rescue! Learn everything you need on your site if you want to get booked (most speakers have it totally wrong!) 
  • Get noticed by Google through consistent message marketing 
  • The daily success habits of every Wealthy Speakers and Jane's 7 figure clients 
  • How to create a ultimate demo video that has decision makers salivating to get you at their event 
  • When to work with a bureau or an agent to grow your business, and when to steer clear 
  • System, processes and strategies that are absolutely MISSION-CRITICAL if you want to get to high 6 or 7-figure business

“Speaking isn’t an easy business; at least not for me. I’m constantly looking for ways to maintain an edge and remain relevant. I’ve seen immediate returns from my improved speech, and renewed clarity in reworking a product I’d given up on.”

 - Warren McDonald

“Jane encouraged me to narrow the focus in my speaking presentations and it really paid off. She gave me solid business advice, as well as a sense of confidence in my new direction. It was a joy having Jane, with her positive attitude and wealth of speaker marketing expertise, in my corner.”

 - Libby Gill

This 12-month program is a critical investment in the future of your business

PAY BI-MONTHLY 3 bi-monthly payments of  

PAY UPFRONT AND SAVE Single payment of



Need help applying or have questions?

This Mastermind Group program is ONLY for Speakers who are 100% serious about catapulting their business.

If you aren’t prepared to hustle, this isn’t for you!  

 The Inner Circle Mastermind isn’t for anyone. We’re hand-selecting just the right group, to ensure we get exactly the right mix for maximum results. 

Apply below and schedule a 15-minute strategy session with Jane to figure out if the program is right for you! Only 5 spots remaining!

And to ensure you have everything you need to hit your big payday, you’ll also get:


COMPLIMENTARY TICKET: And VIP Access to Jane's Live Events for One year.  

You’ll get VIP access to one Accelerate LIVE event for 12 months, including a deep dive session just for Inner Circle Mastermind members and VIPs.  

  • Meet and get to know your fellow masterminders 
  • Make powerful industry connections that could influence the course of your business 
  • Learn best practices guest experts and from Jane's other VIP Clients. 
  • Next LIVE event takes place in Ft. Myers, Florida on February 22-24, 2019  

Apply today to join The Inner Circle Mastermind

We’re limited to 10 spots. They will NOT last long. Here’s what’s included in your investment:

  • Closed circle group of 10 like-minded speakers supporting each other throughout the year 
  • 12-months of support from Jane and her assistant coaches  
  • 2 Mastermind calls per month led by Jane 
  • Quarterly booster calls with guest experts  
  • 4 x private, one-on-one sessions with Jane  
  • Access to Jane's exclusive relationships with industry movers and shakers 
  • Complimentary ticket to Accelerate LIVE 2019 in Ft. Myers, Fl February 22-24, 2019. Including access to VIP Day.

That's right... you get everything included with this 12-month program—for less than the cost of one speaking gig! (And if your fees aren’t quite there yet... they will be!) 

The seats in this program will go fast! Save your spot now!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Not sure this mastermind is the right fit for you? For starters, send us your application. If I don’t think you’re a match for the mastermind, I’ll tell you.  

And if you DO decide to join the group, you’ll have a full 60 days to test the waters, see if you like working with me, and watch what kind of results you get from doing this work. Don’t like it? We’ll refund you. Provided you can show that you’ve actually done the work, we’re happy to refund your money if it’s not working.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of speaker will benefit the most from The Inner Circle Mastermind?  

Our program is designed for speakers who have their business off the ground, perhaps have been working full time for awhile, and really want to accelerate and kick it up a notch. There's room in this program for speakers who have been in the business for decades or just a few years. All experience levels bring something to the table. Fresh perspectives and people with a fire in their belly are welcome. Although the program is not designed for emerging speakers, in some rare cases, speakers who have been successful in other businesses may qualify. 

When does the Mastermind group meet?

Meetings happen 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2pm Eastern time starting October 9, 2018. The group may decide to alter the timing of the meetings based on concensus.

How will I get my bonuses?

All of your downloads and links to join the Facebook group will be sent to you upon registration.

Which event may I attend for free as a part of Inner Circle Mastermind?

This fabulous bonus of one live event per year plus access to our VIP only session (Sunday) will help you move your business forward exponentially and will allow you to bond with fellow Focused Hustlers! Next event is February 22-24 in Fort Myers, FL.

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